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India calls for need to manufacture EV battery cells locally

Electric vehicles are on the rise in the global automotive market today with steady month-on-month sales growth. In India, at present, there are 12 lakh+ electric vehicles on the road and in the next two years, this number will reach 40 lakhs. So, what is the reason for the huge success of electric vehicles?

There are many reasons for India’s inclination toward this latest technology, some of them are as follows:

  • Produce Zero emissions (Environment Friendly)

  • Higher efficiency

  • Low Running Costs

  • Less maintenance of EVs

  • Increased prices of fossil fuel

  • Revolutionizing the Auto Industry

As we can see, electric vehicles are offering a lot of advantages over traditional IC engine vehicles. But the biggest obstacle to the generalization of electric vehicles is their power source, the battery.

EV Batteries Pros & Cons?

Being the heart of EVs, the battery has both pros and cons over the conventional power source i.e., IC Engine. Net zero emissions, silent operation, high efficiency, etc., are visible on the brighter side whereas Low power density, decreased storage capacity after prolonged usage, sensitivity to the external environment, etc., can be seen if we look deep into this technology.

But the biggest hurdle for the Electric Vehicle industry is not manufacturing lithium-ion cells locally in India. Yes! we are mostly importing cells from China or the EU and assembling them in India.

Why does India need to focus on the production of Li-ion cells?

India imported 450.3 million units of Li-ion batteries worth $929.26 million (over INR 7,200 crore) in the April-November period of the financial year 2019-20. Union Minister Harsh Vardhan informed the Lok Sabha in February 2020.

Can India manufacture batteries locally?

In India, there are around 250+ new EV startups that are continuously working on electric vehicle technology.

From small startups to big players in the electric vehicle market, every company is investing in battery development to bring more and more electric vehicles to Indian roads. It is clear that throughout the years, the power density graph of batteries has been steadily increasing.

If clicked, electric vehicles could act as a savior, freeing India from its burdened oil imports and giving it partial independent status in geopolitical situations. Everyone is thinking the same and not paying attention to one thing… that is, we are not even manufacturing batteries in India.

This is because most of them, almost all the companies that are manufacturing EVs in India, are importing cells from China or the EU and assembling them here. Again, keeping India in a dependent position. Similar to importing fuel and manufacturing fuel tanks.


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