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India at 75: Indian roads set to witness an electric change

‘The Next India: Electric Two-Wheelers Are Coming.’

The headline of a 60-page Morgan Stanley report published in June of 2019 was slightly ahead of its time. Covid-19 struck and delayed many carefully laid out plans of electric vehicle makers. But, the shift towards battery-operated vehicles is inevitable.

On this Independence Day, startup entrepreneur and Ola Cabs cofounder Bhavish Aggarwal is preparing for a big splash with his e-scooter, as he takes another step towards realising his king-sized dream project to make electric vehicles. With petrol topping `100 a litre and diesel slightly below that, Indians in need of mobility are looking for an alternative. A few progressive state governments, and the Centre, have introduced new schemes to make EVs more affordable and enable price parity with vehicles powered by fossil fuels.

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