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I Would Love to Touch the Soil That Created Yoga and Embrace It: LA Yoga Trainer

Julia von Wiegandt-Clancy has been practicing and teaching Yoga in LA for the last 11-12 years. Asked if she would like to visit India to see if there is a different way to doing yoga she says she would love to be a part of the soil where Yoga was created, be one with the spirituality where it came from, and embrace that completely. She took her first classes in Harmony Yoga at Redondo Beach.

How did you get interested in Yoga? Was it something you were seeking at that time?

The truth is that I did not know that I was ready to start yoga. I was forced to start it at the time. I was a dancer and had sustained a lot of injuries. I was quite young, in my later 20s and was looking at potential surgery and I didn’t want it. My doctor said I could try yoga or Pilates. I decided to go for yoga.

From the first class itself, I felt it was the right decision. I went into that class with so much pain. My wrists were hurting as I was also waitressing at the time. Trying to be a dancer, you also have to make a living (laughs). My lower back was in so much pain. I had been suffering for a few years. I walked into that class so broken, hopeless about the state of my body in my 20s and I walked out of that class with my wrist not hurting. I felt that what I was doing was nourishing my body in a way that I hadn’t been getting for years. I felt it in the very first class and knew that I had to keep up the practice. When I started, I thought that it would be all breathe work and ‘Om-ming’. I remember thinking to myself - I do not want to do this. But I changed.

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