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I’ve understood what it means to be a nationalist

The following is an extremely political and possibly politically incorrect piece. I’ve never really expressed my political views. However, this time, it’s a matter of life and death and I think this is of critical importance. If you do land up reading the whole thing and still do not get my point – please do not post your nasty comments here. I don’t have the time, energy, mind-space or willingness to engage in a debate with you. If you do not agree with me, you can choose to stay silent or press the unfriend button. I don’t mind shedding some toxicity from my Newsfeed. Here goes :

A crises involving life and death, is the best time to judge a person’s intention. For it is at this time that our true nature is revealed.

My findings have been that while large amounts of Indians are brainless trolls, goons and bhakts with an excuse to push their religious or extremists ideas, a large part of the “intellectual” and “woke” community are no better with their mindless and blind hatred for Modi. How do you navigate through extreme ideologies at both ends? How do you make sense of the truth?

Gene Sharp is an American Political Scientist who has written several books on how to demolish a government. He has come up with 198 methods on how to bring down a government through non-violent, democratic ways. The movement should talk about peace and democracy but render the govt. non-functional to a point it paralyses the machinery. In the end, the systems that add strength to the govt will become ineffective and collapse. Some of these methods have been implemented at Tahrir Square in Egypt – The same thing happened in Ukraine against Russia. Hong Kong for 76 Days – there was havoc!

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