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How one Indian industry beat China at manufacturing and created a global footprint

A couple of WhatsApp group that I am a part of should be renamed the China Problem group. Ninety percent of discussions is on how China hijacked the world economy, how they do not deserve to do so, how all politicians have let us down, how they are stealing all intellectual property and how we are doomed if we do not stop downloading Tiktok.

All true. And no, this article is not about disagreeing with this narrative. This article is not about the fact that an average Chinese student in the US beats the hell of all other students (including Indians) in terms of hours she works and the only disadvantage she has is that her English is not good enough, but she is getting there.

No, this article is not about the fact that the people of China worked their butts off while Italians holidayed and French wanted a four-day workweek. No, this article is not about the fact that one cannot hire a decent machinist or a forger in India because all of them are sitting in call centres answering questions from technically-challenged Americans. Of course, I agree and support the view that China and its people do not deserve the place they have reached (I don’t want to be trolled). After all, they are intellectual property (IP) thieves and do not take four-week holidays. They should be punished.

So what is this article about? This is about an industry where China has been beaten by India. It has been shown that it’s not the government, neither the people; it’s really the companies that compete. And as far as India is concerned the people responsible for the demise of manufacturing in the county are these companies.

In 1983, I graduated out of a Mumbai engineering college considered to be one of the best. Irrespective of the branch that you studied—mechanical, electrical, civil, production, textile—80 percent of the graduates became coders for the software industry.

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