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Historic day for markets: BSE-listed companies surpass $4 trillion market capitalization

The Indian markets reached a historic milestone by crossing the $4 trillion market cap threshold on Wednesday. The market value of all BSE-listed companies has soared to a record high of Rs 333 trillion, equivalent to $4 trillion.

Since April 1, India’s market cap has surged by 27%. Notably, the market cap of the top 100 companies has grown by 17% to Rs 195 trillion, while companies outside this bracket have seen an impressive 46% surge to Rs 133 trillion.

As of now, the only other three countries in the $4-trillion-plus market cap club are the US, China, and Japan. Hong Kong, while included, is noted for its significant contribution from companies outside its territory, primarily China.

The global ranking of equity markets is led by the US with a market cap of almost $48 trillion, followed by China at $9.7 trillion and Japan at $6 trillion.

India’s market cap has witnessed a notable growth of nearly 15% in the current calendar year, outpacing China, which has experienced a 5% erosion. The US remains the only market in the top-10 market cap club to grow at a faster rate than India, registering a 17% increase. The combined global market cap has expanded by 10% this year, reaching $106 trillion.

This year’s market cap gains are primarily attributed to the impressive performance of mid- and small-cap stocks in the broader market. Stocks outside the top-100 companies now contribute 40% to India’s overall market cap, up from 35% at the beginning of the financial year.

by Dev Sethia

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