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Harnessing 10% of coal bed methane reserves can cut India's energy import bill by $2 billion: Expert

India can cut its energy imports bill by USD 2 billion if the nation harnesses 10 per cent of the coal bed methane reserves of 2,600 billion cubic meters, said experts.

This assumes significance in view India's coal production clocking record high during the last fiscal year and plans afoot to increase it further.

The experts believe that the industry's collective efforts in utilising Coal Bed Methane (CBM) can help the country save over USD 2 billion on imports bill in near future. India has an estimated Coal Bed Methane Reserve of 2600 billion cubic metres, they say.

"India touched a record-high growth in coal production of more than 778.19 million tonne, posting record growth in coal production in the year 2022-23.

"Plan is to increase the production to over one billion tonne by 2025-26. Therefore, collectively must tap and utilise Coal Bed Methane which in turn would help reduce emissions and also boost India's energy security. Even if the industry can tap about 10 per cent of the reserves we can save over $2 billion by cutting on oil imports,” Dr J.S Sharma, Head of International Centre for Climate and Sustainability Action Foundation (ICCSA), told PTI.

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