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Government all set to launch ‘Brand India’ mission

NEW DELHI: The government is all set to launch a ‘Brand India’ mission, focused on the promotion of quality products that are manufactured in the country. The move, being piloted by the Piyush Goyal-led commerce and industry ministry, is based on similar policies in other countries, including the US, Switzerland, Germany and France, which regulate claims made to goods produced in their jurisdiction.

The idea is linked to the extent of local production with countries such as Switzerland offering the tag to service sector companies if they are headquartered there. In case of food products, the requirement is 80% local production. Goyal’s plan, discussed with the Quality Council of India and other agencies last week, is looking at country of origin certificates, which will be voluntary with self-certification to be vetted by certain entities. It will be applicable to natural as well as manufactured goods.

To be eligible for the tag, manufactured goods producers need .to be registered in India and should comply with the prescribed health and safety standards. A minimum 20% local content is being discussed with the final assembly required in India.

Sources said the entire certification process is proposed to be completed within six to 10 days of an application being filed, with monitoring expected to start after six months. Once a decision is taken, the mission can be launched in around a year with the initial plan to be tested through a few pilots.

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