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G20 Foreign Ministers' Meet|As leading economies, we have a responsibility towards those who are not

Addressing the crucial meeting of the G20 Foreign Ministers today, Prime Minister Modi reminded them that as leading economies of the world, they also have a responsibility towards those who are not in the room.

At this possibly the largest and most important meeting of the C20 Foreign Ministers (March 1-2) which among the regular ones is being attended by 9 special invitees and India's strategic friendapart from 13 international organisations. Among them Blinken of USA, Lavrov of Russia and Gang of China are here too who will test the diplomatic skills of the maverick Indian Foreign Minister Dr SJaishankar.

Being a host India has its own benefits, limitations and challenges and the mix of the same could enable the country with a reasonable compromise which could lead to addressing more pressing challenges facing the human kind. Let this not be G7 vs G2 and India as a referee must stop the fight before it gets even more bloodied.


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