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FTA will help realise bilateral trade potential between India and Israel: Anat Bernstein-Reich

The newly-elected President of the Israel-Asia Chamber of Commerce, Anat Bernstein-Reich, who has worked to promote Indo-Israel bilateral trade for more than two decades, has said the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Israel and India will act as a catalyst in fulfilling the huge trade potential.

The first woman to be elected President of the prestigious body since its establishment in 1984, Bernstein-Reich would be replacing Matan Vilnai, who in the past has served as the Ambassador of Israel in China, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Israeli Army, and a Minister in the Israeli government.

Vilnai served as the President of the Chambers for the past six years and will now serve as its honorary President.

"India and Israel trade relations have reached new heights but have still not fulfilled their potential. The long-awaited Free Trade Agreement will be a catalyst for the same", Bernstein-Reich told PTI.

"I call upon the two sides to break the current deadlock in discussions over FTA. I was recently in India and during my meetings with officials there have also requested to look into ways to move the process forward to boost bilateral trade", she said.

Bernstein-Reich was elected the new President of the prestigious commercial body last week by the Chamber's General Assembly that opened for 2023 recently.

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