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Five Reasons Trump is Going to Win

Capitalism vs.Socialism

Contrary to what the so-called “Progressives” around the world might tell you, it appears that there has been a complete and universal rejection of Socialism. Progressives make up 20% of the Democratic Party in the US and the party in turn is only half the electorate. So you are talking about a small number of voters here. Although the progressive faction are loud and have a large presence on new media outlets online, they are not representative of the country at large.

Socialism has not worked anywhere in the world. Healthcare policies like ‘Medicare for All’ are simply not feasible. Socialist candidates like Bernie Sanders will tell you that they plan to cut military funding in order to pay for this. Just to give you some context, the entire military budget for the US is 700 Billion and the projected ‘Medicare for All’ plan is estimated to cost about 13 Trillion. It is simply not viable and the proposal to carve out the funds from military spending will be severely opposed in the House and Senate, when national security threats continue to rise.  Socialism has yet to prove that it can actually work anywhere in the world, let alone in the USA.  Vladimir Lenin, the father of Communism, once famously quoted, “The goal of Socialism is Communism”. Unlike Capitalism and free market access, which has pulled millions out of poverty around the world, in the last few decades alone, Communism has killed more than a 100 million in the last 100 years.

Crumbling Axis of Opposition

The Democratic nomination stage started with 17 candidates and at the time of writing, only one remains – Joe Biden, after Bernie Sanders just dropped out. Most establishment candidates have dropped out and endorsed Joe Biden.

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