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Despite Covid-19 challenges,Indian Railways records highest freight loading & earning in August 2021

Indian Railways records highest freight loading & earning in August! Despite the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, Indian Railways has continued to maintain the high momentum in freight figures in terms of both, loading and earning during the month of August. According to a statement issued by the Railway Ministry, during August 2021, the freight loading by Indian Railways was 110.55 million tonnes which is 16.87 per cent higher compared to the month of August last year (94.59 million tonnes of freight loading for the same period). Apart from the noteworthy improvement in freight loading, Indian Railways has also earned an amount of Rs 10,866.20 crore from freight loading during the month of August 2021, which is 20.16 per cent higher compared to August 2020 (freight earning of Rs 9,043.44 crore).

According to the Railway Ministry, the important items transported by the national transporter during August 2021 includes 13.53 million tonnes of Iron Ore, 47.94 million tonnes of Coal, 3.60 million tonnes of Mineral Oil, 5.77 million tonnes of Pig Iron as well as Finished Steel, 4.16 million tonnes of Fertilizers, 6.88 million tonnes of Food Grains, 6.3 million tonnes of Cement (excluding clinker) as well as 4.51 million tonnes of Clinker.


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