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DATA STORY: India's vaccination now 1.13% of its population, 140% of Covid tally

India on Wednesday reported a net increase of 1,768 to take its count of active coronavirus cases to 170,126. This is 83.28 per cent lower than the September 18 peak of 1,017,754. India’s share of global active coronavirus cases now stands at 0.77 per cent (one in 130). The country is 13th among the most affected countries by active cases. On Wednesday, it added 14,989 cases to take its total caseload to 11,139,516. And, with 99 new fatalities, its Covid-19 death toll reached 157346, or 1.41 per cent of total confirmed infections.

With 768,730 more people getting Covid-19 vaccine shots on Tuesday, India’s total count of those inoculated reached 15,620,749. The count of recovered coronavirus cases across India, meanwhile, reached 10,812,044 – or 97.06 per cent of total caseload – with 13,123 new cured cases being reported on Wednesday.


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