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Coronavirus: China should rein in ‘wolf warrior’ diplomats and let its actions do the talking

In the run-up to the two-day meeting last week of the World Health Assembly, the decision-making body of the World Health Organisation (WHO), expectations were building in the international media that China faced an unprecedented backlash.

Beijing reportedly was resisting growing pressure for an independent investigation into the origins of the pandemic; Taiwan was lobbying hard on its latest attempt to join the body as an observer, and some expected the United States to use the forum to ratchet up attacks on China and the WHO, all of which threatened to mar the international body’s first major gathering since the outbreak of the coronavirus.

But in fact it turned out quite well for Beijing, which largely came across as the good guy, as compared to Washington which threatened to permanently cut off funding to the WHO at a time when health officials are saying it is needed more than ever to lead the fight against Covid-19.

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