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China set to step up testing on country’s fastest-ever maglev train with top speed of 600km/h

China’s Ministry of Transport has given the green light to step up tests on its fastest-ever train with a top speed of 600km/h (373 miles per hour).

The ministry approved further tests on the magnetic levitation, or maglev, train in guidelines issued last week on plans to build a smart transport infrastructure, according to Science and Technology Daily.

“The development of high-speed maglev can help China seize the leading rail transit technology and maintain the country's advantage in the field of high-speed rail,” said Wu Donghua, deputy chief engineer from CRRC Qingdao Sifang, which built the prototypes.

“The maglev train is currently the fastest available ground public transport vehicle … the 600km/h maglev train would fill a gap between high-speed rail and aeroplanes.”

Unlike conventional trains, maglev trains hover above the track and are propelled forward by powerful electromagnets, and the lack of friction makes them capable of travelling at much higher speeds.

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