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China’s TFBOYS concert front seats cost US$28,000 and scalpers offer US$700 ‘tree-climbing’ spots

Tickets to see the boy band TFBOYS perform in China have sold out in less than a second, as scalpers are selling front-row seats for a staggering 200,000 yuan (US$28,000).

Lanjing Finance, a mainland news outlet, reported that trees outside the concert stadium are being rented for 5,000 yuan (US$700) per hour to fans willing to ascend high enough to see the group perform. Telescopes and insurance against falls are extra.

TFBOYS, also known as The Fighting Boys, is one of the most prominent boy bands in China. It consists of three members: 24-year-old Karry Wang Junkai, and 23-year-olds Jackson Yee Yang Qianxi and Roy Wang Yuan, who debuted as teenagers in 2013.

According to China Business News Data, the band has an estimated commercial value of over $430 million from endorsements and branding as of 2018.

Considering that each of the three personalities has over 80 million followers on Weibo alone, ticket agents have no qualms about charging such exorbitant prices.

The 10th anniversary concert on August 6 in Xian, Shaanxi province, northwestern China, is rumoured to be the last time all three members will perform together.

On July 24, the first batch of tickets sold out promptly, with an estimated 5,000 tickets being purchased in a single second, leaving an estimated 4 million disappointed fans.

The Lanjing Finance report stated that a total of 33,000 tickets would be available for purchase, a small number compared to the 5 million people who left comments on the ticket sales platform Damai expressing their desire to see the group. On July 31, a second round of tickets will go on sale.

A 2,013-yuan ticket was sold for 5,000 yuan (US$700), a 1,280-yuan ticket was sold for 4,500 yuan, and a 980-yuan ticket was sold for 4,000 yuan on the illicit market.

According to the report, infield tickets cost between 40,000 and 50,000 yuan, whereas scalpers were selling front-row seats for 200,000 yuan.

Last week, during a live-streaming session hosted by entertainment programme host Zhang Dada, an internet user claimed that the price of a front-row ticket to see TFBOYS on the illegal market had risen to 2 million yuan (US$280,000).

"Normal individuals cannot even earn 2 million yuan in a lifetime. "With 2 million yuan, I can purchase a home in my hometown," the internet user explained.

In recent years, the three members have rarely performed together, concentrating on their acting and singing solo careers.

The August concert increased hotel bookings in Xian by 30 times the normal quantity between August 5 and 7.

The Weibo hashtag TFBOYS "failing to buy the ticket" received tens of thousands of comments.

"Sisters, you only experience adolescence once, whereas you can repay loans over an extended period. Go compete for the ticket!" someone wrote.

"Even if it means selling my house or vehicle, I still want to attend the concert. "My youth is irreplaceable," said another person.

"When I was a young child, I began listening to their music and watching the television series in which they starred. I aspire to attend their concert to create a wonderful childhood memory."

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