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China’s public cloud market to triple by 2025 as industrial sector drives new wave of expansion

China’s industrial and manufacturing sectors will be able to drive a new wave of growth in the country’s cloud computing market, according to a recent report by global management consulting firm McKinsey & Co.

Analysts at McKinsey expect China’s public cloud market to triple in size in the next few years, from US$32 billion in 2021 to US$90 billion by 2025, as industrial and manufacturing companies shift their information technology (IT) workloads to the cloud, according to the consultancy’s latest report, which surveyed 278 decision makers in enterprise IT, digital and cloud from a wide range of sectors.

“Digital transformation is strongly correlated with cloud adoption. By 2025, 78 per cent of all IT workloads will be on the cloud in China”, said McKinsey partner Shen Kai in a media briefing to explain the report on Friday. In 2021, only 59 per cent of IT workload was distributed on the cloud, according to the report.


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