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China’s Population Declines by 2.08 Million in 2023

January 17th, Beijing (IANS) The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) of China stated on Wednesday that the country's population decreased for a second consecutive year in 2023, and that the birthrate also plunged to a new record low.

India surpassed China as the most populated country in the world in 2023, as the overall numbers declined by 2.08 million to 1.4097 billion, marking the second consecutive year of decline for China's population, according to the annual official data issued on Wednesday.

In 2022, China's population experienced its first decline in sixty years. This was due to the birth rate reaching a new low, which was a result of the one-child policy that the ruling Communist Party of China vigorously pursued. Experts predict that the world's second-largest economy will continue to see a steeper decline in the years to come.

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