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China’s new-energy push is accelerating fast, but does it have the power to drive economic growth?

In a relatively small and mountainous county in southern China, Wang Rongshuo’s company is playing a pivotal role in an ambitious new-energy plan that aims to install solar panels on most rooftops, potentially changing the face of the county’s power landscape for decades to come.

As one of China’s 676 designated pilot sites last year in a national rooftop-solar-power campaign, Guangning county – in western Guangdong province – is setting up a photovoltaics infrastructure system that it expects will generate millions of kilowatt hours worth of electricity annually for the county’s more than 400,000 people.

The nationwide initiative will span several years and cost hundreds of billions of yuan, creating lucrative opportunities for companies such as Wang’s that are keen to cash in on the country’s thirst for power at a time when all major economies are pushing to achieve decarbonisation goals.


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