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China is increasing its lead over the US in AI patent filings

China's continuing lead over the United States in artificial intelligence patent filings demonstrates the Asian country's resolve to mold and influence a technology that may have far-reaching effects on the world's most developed economy.

According to data provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization to Bloomberg News, the number of patent applications from Chinese organizations relating to artificial intelligence increased from 29,000 in 2021 to 29,853 in 2022. That's about 80 percentage points above the 5.5% decline in American filings. According to statistics compiled by an entity linked with the United Nations, China is responsible for more than 40 percent of all AI applications worldwide in the past year. With a total of 16,700, Japan and South Korea round out the top spots for 2022.

Beijing has encouraged Chinese enterprises and agencies to achieve an advantage in sectors like chipmaking, space exploration, and military sciences, as shown by the data. In response to recent U.S. efforts to limit China's access to cutting-edge technologies, President Xi Jinping has lately urged the country to speed up basic research. That has set off a wave of funding into artificial intelligence and quantum computing at Chinese corporations.

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