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China aims for another bumper year in 2022 with grain output of over 650 million tonnes

China aims to ensure its grain output reaches a target of over 650 million tonnes in 2022, said an official on Wednesday.

Zeng Yande, chief agronomist of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, said that despite last year's high base, this summer's grain production saw a bumper harvest. He added that there is "good foundation" for the upcoming autumn harvest.

"The bulk of annual grain production is in autumn, accounting for three quarters. Once autumn grain production is stabilized, then grain production throughout the year is stabilized as well," he said. During this year's summer harvest which spanned from May to late June and featured reaping winter wheat and other crops, total grain output shattered a record with 147.4 million tonnes, an increase of 1.4 million tonnes from last year, according to Zeng.

In 2021, China's grain output grew by 2 percent to a record high of 682.85 million tonnes, according to the National Bureau of Statistics, marking the seventh consecutive year that saw grain output exceeded 650 million tonnes.

China will further promote employment and income for farmers and expand investment in agriculture and rural areas, Zeng added.


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