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Cancer drugmaker Bristol Myers to build its largest R&D facility outside US in India by 2025

The $100-million facility, inaugurated by Boerner on Monday, is expected to employ over 1,500 employees and will be used to enhance its drug development through the use of digital technologies and artificial intelligence, he said in his keynote speech at the BioAsia conference.

Bristol Myers Squibb CEO Christopher Boerner stated on Tuesday that the company plans to increase its R&D footprint in India and anticipates that its recently established Hyderabad facility would become its largest operation outside the US by 2025.

During his keynote lecture at the BioAsia conference, Boerner announced that the newly launched $100 million facility will employ more than 1,500 people and will be utilized to improve drug research by utilizing digital technology and artificial intelligence.

A Bengaluru R&D facility run by Bristol Myers and Syngene International, a subsidiary of the Biocon Group, is also in operation.

According to Boerner, the American pharmaceutical company is concentrating on cancer research and is creating next-generation cell therapies for autoimmune disorders like MS. The company intends to utilize AI technology to speed up the development process.

He went on to say that the business intends to expand distribution of products to new markets, including India.

Opdyta and Yervoi are the brand names under which Bristol Myers sells nivolumab and ipilimumab, respectively; however, the country has not yet seen the debut of Abecma and Breyanzi, two of the company's cancer cell therapies.

Reuters reached out to the firm for comment regarding the availability of Abecma and Breyanzi in India, but a spokesman did not immediately respond.

The medication development pipeline of the corporation was restocked with a series of acquisitions announced late last year. The company anticipates that patent protection for its top-selling drugs, including cancer immunotherapy Opdivo and blood thinner Eliquis, will expire in important markets later this decade.

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