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Book Review: A spotlight on the small but high-achieving Indian-American diaspora

“Kamala Harris and the Rise of Indian Americans,” edited by Tarun Basu, is an evocative collection of essays which try to capture the rise of Indian Americans across a wide range of domains from politics to administration, entrepreneurship to technology, medicine to hospitality, science to academia, business to entertainment, philanthropy to social activism.

The major USP of the book is that most of the writers who have written the chapters are leaders and achievers themselves and have unique understanding of Indian Diaspora.

The writers include most articulate Indian Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor, the most respected voice of Indian Diaspora M R Rangaswami, eminent scholars like Dr. Pradeep K Khosla, Maina Chawla Singh, Sujata Warrier, Shamia Das Dasgupta, leading Indian Diplomats like Arun K Singh & T P Sreenivasan, corporate leaders like Raj L Gupta & Deepak Raj, industry observers like Ajay Ghosh, Vikrum Mathur and Bijal Patel and prolific journalists like Aziz Haniffa, Arun Kumar, Mayank Chayya, Suman Guha Mazumdar & Laxmi Parthasarthy.

The title of the book “Kamala Harris and The Rise of Indian Americans” seems very apt and thought provoking in the current context as the election of Kamala Harris as Vice President of the United States is a golden moment for Indian Americans.

The story of Kamala Harris is an inspiring story of how an immigrant population from a developing country became the most educated and highest-earning ethnic community.

Though the book is not as well researched as the book titled “The Other One Per Cent: Indians in America” by Professor Devesh Kapur, Prof Sanjoy Chakravorty and Nirvikar Singh, it is still worth reading.

Some of the essays provide fresh and fascinating insights and stories which can be inspirational and valuable for a wide range of audiences like scholars, students, entrepreneurs and innovators.


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