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“Ayurveda can make India the world capital for curing chronic ailments – says MIT and Cambridge Prof

Indian sciences can solve modern medical problems because they recognise the difference between the gross physical level, Sthula, and the more subtle, Sukshma, level(s) – Professor Alex Hankey

Professor Alex Hankey, a British theoretical physicist trained at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Cambridge University, was first introduced to the power of meditation when as a 10 year old child he lost his mother and found solace in repeating a small prayer, not realising then that it became a mantra for him.

When he went to boarding school, he couldn’t cry himself to sleep as he was in a dormitory with 10 other little boys. “So I told a little prayer, ‘God bless Mummy.’ And I repeated it over and over, I didn’t know at that time, like a mantra. It took me to a level, after a year or so, of blissful silence,” he said speaking to CSP at S-VYASA in Bengaluru.

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