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Assam Girls Make 100% Compostable Yoga Mats That Could Save Our Lakes

Water hyacinth, scientifically known as Eicchronia carssipes, is a weed from the Amazon basin in South America. The non-native aquatic plant made its way to India as a gift from the British. It was the wife of the First British Governor-General, Lady Hastings, who became mesmerised by the ornamental beauty of the flowers and brought to India.

Despite having an intriguing history, the plant species has become a nuisance in water bodies across India. The fast-growing plant is invasive and negatively impacts the aquatic flora and fauna, thus the environment at large.

Authorities have reportedly spent crores of rupees trying to get rid of the water hyacinth but to no avail.

Such was the case with Deepor Beel, a freshwater lake in Assam, also known as a Ramsar convention site. It is a paradise for ornithologists, offering a visual treat of around 200 migratory birds, and wildlife biologists and environmentalists also frequent the spot.

However, to solve the issues of the water hyacinth, a group of young women in Manipur have converted the organic waste into an opportunity by turning them into environment-friendly, biodegradable yoga mats. Since February 2021, six women have been working to make it a source of livelihood and revive the lake to its old glory.


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