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After Mrs India beauty pageant, Wing Commander Shruti Chauhan set to represent India at Mrs Galaxy

Wing Commander Shruti Chauhan, who has been serving the Indian Air Force for the past 16 years, is now set to swap her boots for heels at the Mrs Galaxy beauty pageant in August this year. Wing Commander Chauhan came under the spotlight in January this year when she participated in the Mrs India Inc World Beauty Pageant 2021, in which she stood as the second runner up, according to a report in IE. She would now be representing India at Mrs Galaxy, which would take place in Chicago.

The report quoted her as saying that the idea that she take part in the beauty pageant had been a suggestion by a junior and she hadn’t taken it seriously initially. However, her juniors had confidence in her and registered her for it. When it was time for the auditions, Wing Commander Chauhan told herself that she needed to buckle up for it, and when she jumped into it, she went all in, she said.

Wing Commander Chauhan, who is 38 years old, said that she was an exceptional case because she took part in a pageant while serving in defence forces.

She said that the participation was a struggle for her because although her organisation was supportive of her decision, she did not want her work to be affected by it. She further stated that since it was her desire to take part in the competition and win, she was the one who had to figure out how she would manage her work, her daughter as well as the household along with the competition.


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