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Adani Group Building World's Largest, 20 GW Hybrid Renewable Energy Park in Gujarat

In Khavda, Gujarat, the Adani Group is constructing the world's largest hybrid renewable energy park in the midst of a desert.

The announcement was made on Tuesday, July 18 by the group's founder and chairman, Gautam Adani, while addressing shareholders at Adani Enterprises' annual general meeting.

Once operational, the park will produce 20 GW of renewable energy across its 72,000 acres of land. Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL), the renewable energy arm of the diversified Adani portfolio, will construct the project.

Adani elaborated on the plans to construct the hybrid power bank, stating, "It will be our most complex and ambitious undertaking to date. And we intend to construct it quicker than any other project in our history."

The hybrid power plant employs the potential of renewable energy by resolving the generation's intermittency and provides a more dependable solution to meet the rising power demand. This is accomplished by employing cutting-edge technologies to leverage the power of the sun and enable the cost-effective extraction of energy from wind resources.

The world's largest solar and wind energy producer

Earlier in FY 022-23, the company commissioned 2.14 GW of solar-wind hybrid plants in Rajasthan, the first and largest solar-wind hybrid cluster in the world.

The hybrid cluster is comprised of four facilities with respective capacities of 390 MW, 600 MW, 450 MW, and 700 MW. These three hybrid energy generation facilities are all located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.

AGEL's operating wind-solar hybrid portfolio has now reached 2,140 MW, maintaining its position as the world's largest.

The newly operationalized 2,140 MW solar-wind hybrid portfolio utilises cutting-edge technologies such as bifacial solar PV modules and horizontal single-axis tracking (HSAT) technology to capture maximum solar energy, as well as technologically advanced wind turbine generators, resulting in a high hybrid capacity utilisation factor (CUF) of 35.5%.

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