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Across China: Cities deploy mobile vaccination vehicles to speed up inoculation pace

A bus-like vehicle has since late March provided free COVID-19 vaccination services to employees of enterprises in Lingang Area, a high-end manufacturing park in Shanghai.

The interior of the vehicle has two separate sections, painted orange and pink. Much like a mobile vaccine clinic, the vehicle is equipped with vaccination stations, medical refrigerators and first-aid equipment. The refrigerators are able to store 1,200 vaccine doses.

Once it arrives at a location, medical personnel begin offering a one-stop service for registration, disinfection and vaccination. The vehicle enables busy white-collar workers to receive shots from the comfort of their workplaces, saving time and improving inoculation efficiency.

The onboard 5G communication system can report real-time injection data to local centers for disease control and prevention (CDC).

"This is the first time I have ever seen such a mobile vaccination vehicle. It's so convenient to get vaccinated near the company," a vaccine-taker surnamed Zhang said.

Apart from office workers, the mobile vaccine clinics can reach people such as the elderly, the handicapped and those who do not have access to transportation.


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