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1200 Years Old Kailasa Temple Made Out of Single Rock

Ellora cave complex is one of the World’s largest rock-cut caves presenting the temples and artwork of Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain. There are more than 100 caves in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, but only 34 are open to the public. Among those 34 caves, the first 12 caves from the southern end occupy Buddhist shrines, Hindu shrines are in the central part, from 13 to 29 caves and 30 to 34 caves in the northern end are Jain caves.

Amid those 34 caves of Ellora, the most remarkable one is cave no. 16th Kailasa Temple. Kailasa or Kailasanatha Temple is one of India’s greatest monuments and the world’s largest monolithic structure carved on a single rock. This monument is named after the Kailash Range mountains, which is believed to be the adobe of Hindu god Lord Shiva. Thus, this temple was dedicated to Lord Shiva and was meant to be a replica of Mount Kailash.

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