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M&As help India record 5th highest FDI inflows

NEW DELHI: Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), especially in the technology space, made India the fifth largest foreign direct investment (FDI) recipient in 2020, despite a 19% fall in funds flowing into greenfield projects coming up in the country, latest data released by UNCTAD showed.

The latest World Investment Report showed that India’s FDI rose 25% to $64 billion in a year when global investment flows shrank 35% to $1 trillion. India, China and Hong Kong were among the countries which saw a rise in 2020.

For the current year, the UN agency had a mixed outlook for India, which was the eighth largest FDI destination in 2019, due to the uncertainty caused by the second wave. It suggested investment in new ventures could be hit, but the production-linked incentive scheme and high-tech sectors could help drive a rebound.

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