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Govt restores valid e-visa to 156 countries; regular visas to all 10 years visa to US,Japan national

NEW DELHI: The government on Wednesday restored all currently valid five-year e-tourist visa given to citizens of 156 countries and regular paper visa to nationals of ail countries with immediate effect. These visas were suspended since March 2020 following the Covid-19 outbreak.

Officials also said all currently valid old long duration (10 years) regular tourist visa given to nationals of the US and Japan have been restored. Fresh long duration (10 year) tourist visa will also be issued to the US and Japanese nationals.

"The government took the step keeping in view the improvement in the Covid-19 situation in the country and considering the need for further relaxation of visa and travel restrictions," the ministry of home affairs said.

Nationals of these 156 countries will also be eligible for issuance of fresh e-tourist visa as per the Visa Manual, 2019.


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