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Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister of a Civilisational State: Remembering P.K. Telang

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Rajya Sabha speech yesterday arguably ranks as one of the finest till date. It shows once again that he’s still the master of timing and timely messaging. Predictably, his delightful Andolanjeevi jibe went viral even as he uttered it but that is par for the course given how the rag-tag breaking India gang gave him full tosses for two months. But think about it: when was the last time that millions of ordinary Indians actually tuned into Parliamentary proceedings? And why do they so look forward to Modi’s debates and speeches within and outside the Parliament? The answer to that question lies in the difference between a Prime Minister and a statesman.

More fundamentally, the answer to that question is the yawning chasm that separates the recently-dominant, multidisciplinary Nehruvian brood who thought that India was “founded” in 1947 by Jawaharlal Nehru and the numerically-dominant masses who never forgot their ancestors and reposed unflinching faith in their civilizational Tapas. From that perspective, it is clear that Narendra Modi is the first Civilisational Prime Minister of a Bharatavarsha violently interrupted by three imperialisms: the Islamic, the British-Christian and the Nehruvian. The surest and the living proof that India did not attain independence in 1947 is the fact that the Congress Party was unable to find a single Indian in its ranks to occupy its Presidentship in 1998.

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