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Money in bank: Women’s share in deposits rises, but gender gap in average holding widens

Over a third of bank accounts in the country holding nearly 20% of total deposits belong to women, data released by the government showed. Even as the share of women in bank accounts and deposits has grown faster, women hold fewer rupees than men post pandemic. ISHAAN GERA looks at the data:

Rising share in deposits…

  • Women accounted for 35.2% of bank accounts in Mar ’22, up from 30.8% in Mar ’19

  • 30% of accounts held in rural areas are with women

  • Women’s share of deposits in rural areas grew at double the rate compared to metropolitan regions

…but fewer rupees in accounts

  • Average deposit grew faster for men between Mar ’19 and Mar ’22

  • For every rupee deposited by women, men held Rs 1.03 in Mar ’22

  • Ratio was 1.01 in Mar ’19

  • In metros, average deposit was higher for women compared to men

  • PSBs account for two-thirds of deposits and bank accounts

  • Women’s preference for regional rural and small finance banks has increased

  • Private banks’ share stable at a quarter of women’s deposits

  • More women go for private sector, small finance and regional rural banks than men

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