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Modi Keeps On Lifting India Up

Prime Minister Narendra Modi keeps on lifting India in the global ranks.

Last week, the Indian economy jumped 23 spots in the World Bank’s 2018 Ease of Doing Business ranking. It occupies the 77th position, up from 100th in 2017.

And that comes on the top of another jump of 30 spots in the 2017 ranking from the previous year.

That’s remarkable progress. It sets India apart from other countries in the region -- like Pakistan and Bangladesh, which ranked 136 and 176, respectively.

The Ease of Doing Business measures the impact of government regulations on starting and operating a business. Like the number of steps that are required to launch or to shut down a business, to deal with construction permits, or to obtain electricity.

Meanwhile, the Indian economy has been rising in another global ranking, the World Economic Forum Report (WEFR) competitiveness report. That report ranks India 40th out of the 137 countries included, the highest it has ever been, up from 71st three years ago.

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