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Modern untouchability thrives among ‘liberals’ in India

A recent visit by German ambassador Mr Walter J. Lindner to the RSS headquarters at Nagpur has created an unnecessary controversy. He is not the first ambassador or foreign diplomat to visit RSS offices either in Nagpur or Delhi. These visits are considered routine and a welcome exchange of ideas over a cup of tea or a meal and take place often. However, he is the first ambassador to make such a visit public.

In Bharat a clique has flourished, largely with the support and patronage of the ruling dispensation during the Congress regime, known as “left-liberals”. I don’t know who coined this oxymoronic term. In practice, the people who adhere to this school of thought have been highly illiberal and intolerant of people with views that differ from theirs. These forces have consistently tried to condemn, defame, oppose and ostracise the RSS by spreading canards and unfounded lies about its philosophy and history. But by the grace of the Almighty and relentless efforts of RSS workers, RSS’ reach, spread and influence in Bharatiya society, pan Bharat, has only grown and continues to do so. On the other hand, this clique has been losing its grip on the narrative and the consciousness of the public and, in fact, is increasingly criticised and ostracised for their elitist and discriminatory take on Bharat.

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