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Math Explains Why Indian Food Tastes So Good

Indian food, with its exhilarating aroma and vivid flavor, is well-loved all over the world. The way spices are mixed and food is cooked usually create a real explosion of flavors and textures that can overwhelm anyone who gets the chance to sample it for the first time.

Indian food is often seasoned with a heavy dose of tamarind, cardamom, cayenne, and a wide range of other flavors. But they combine to form the base of what is so mouth-watering for many people.

The secret behind Indian food, what makes it so unique and so good, has recently been revealed. The mathematicians who made this discovery have analyzed over 2,000 popular recipes to find out cooking techniques that so familiar with Indians but at the same time, so strange to the rest of the world. And it does so at the molecule level.

Before we dive into the research and figure out this secret, let’s take a look at what flavors are and the way they interact with each other.

We know you can hardly contain your curiosity here but bear with us. To understand and appreciate the wonderful secret of Indian food, one must arm themselves with some key knowledge first.

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