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Man on a mission

The prime minister’s supporters are still under the spell of the work done in Modi 1.0 and the thumping electoral mandate. His opponents are still trying to digest the massive jolt to their political future. Political pundits are still trying to come to terms with the shattering of their conventional wisdom. But Modi has already moved to a higher gear. In just a little more than 20 days, he has taken important strides, not just within the country but also outside.

There were some big ticket promises made in the BJP manifesto. Barely a couple of weeks after the swearing-in, the Modi government has already delivered upon them. After the first Cabinet meeting of the new government, Modi announced the extension of the PM-Kisan scheme to all farmers, as promised. Also fulfilled was the important promise of providing a pension scheme for farmers and small shopkeepers, providing a safety net for the future. These moves benefit a whopping 14 crore plus farmers and over 3 crore small shopkeepers.

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