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Lord Ganesha is Kangiten in Japan

Ganesha or Kangi-ten (歓喜天) is a god in Shingon & Tendai schools of Japanese Buddhism. Legends behind Soshin Kangi-ten (Male & Female embraced form), Evil Vinayaka, Saraswati (Benzaiten), Bishamonten (Kubera) etc.

He is the Japanese Buddhist form of Ganesh and also sometimes identified with the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara (one who listens to cries of sentient beings who need help).

Kangiten is also known as Kanki-ten (ten means God or Deva), Shō-ten (聖天, ‘sacred god‘ or ‘noble god’), Daishō-ten (‘great noble god‘), Daishō Kangi-ten (大聖歓喜天), Tenson (天尊, ‘venerable god‘), Kangi Jizai-ten (歓喜自在天), Shōden-sama, Vinayaka-ten or Binayaka-ten (毘那夜迦天), Ganapatei (誐那缽底) and Zōbi-ten (象鼻天).

Ganesha or Vinayaka is said to be always in Turiya (तुरीय) Sthiti, which is the 4th and Blissful state of mind.

The other 3 states are waking consciousness, dreaming, and dreamless sleep, which are usually common states of consciousness and Turiya transcends these three states.

This matches with Kangiten being God of Bliss.

Also known as Gaṇabachi or Gaṇapati (Ganapati is a popular epithet of Ganesha) and Gaṇwha (Ganesha). Like Ganesha, Bināyaka is the remover of obstacles, but when propitiated, he bestows material fortunes, prosperity, success and health.

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