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Lockdown is an opportunity. Think of it as a miniature vanaprastha, says Harvard professor Arthur

Dr Arthur C Brooks is a Harvard professor, behavioural social scientist and bestselling author who has launched a new column on happiness when we are at our most anxious. In an interview to Shobita Dhar, he shares some simple happiness hacks

Do you think the lockdown will make us re-examine the things that make us happy?

The lockdown affects different people in different ways. Some are just trying to get through it, others are noticing that the lockdown, while not what we had hoped for, provides opportunities for personal growth. Time has slowed down, insofar as we aren’t expected to travel or run off to work and meetings (at least not in person). A lot of people are telling me that this is giving them a chance to think more deeply about their lives.

It is important not to let this opportunity pass. While we are locked down, I recommend that we set time aside each day to think about some of the deeper issues, including the sources of our happiness. Sit in meditation and prayer each day, read more sacred and philosophical texts, and set a goal to understand life better when we emerge from this period.

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