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Lakhs of women to start own business by 2025; these two sectors key to India’s entrepreneurship boom

India can likely have around 9 lakh new women entrepreneurs by 2025 in food and education sectors combined where women are present in larger numbers as employees as well as entrepreneurs, according to a report on women entrepreneurship in urban India by Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship (GAME) and Facebook. “While textile, food, personal services and education together account for 65 per cent of women-owned businesses and 58 per cent of female employment in urban India, Food and Education sectors emerge as the top two sectors that are amenable to mass entrepreneurship,” the report said.

Importantly, out of 28.1 lakh women-owned businesses in urban India, 6.8 lakh and 5.5 lakh are in textile and food while 2.5 lakh are in personal services and 1.2 lakh in education. Despite that food and education are the top two sectors with highest women entrepreneurship potential because “these two sectors also offer the highest economic potential and easy-to-start business models, strong headwinds and tailwinds (example where employment levels are much higher than entrepreneurship levels, offering a natural tailwind for entrepreneurship in this space),” the report titled Unlocking Entrepreneurship Opportunities for Women said. While food has the potential to create around 6.5 lakh women entrepreneurs, education may churn up around 2.5 lakh women-owned businesses.

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