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Kindness, power of unity shine amid devastating floods

ZHENGZHOU, July 29 (Xinhua) -- Rescue and restoration efforts continue in central China's Henan as typhoon In-Fa brought new spells of rainfall to parts of the province, which was already lashed by record-breaking rainstorms recently.

As of Thursday, torrential rains since July 16 have left 99 people dead, forced emergency relocation of over 1.47 million people and affected over 13 million residents in 150 county-level areas in Henan.

Over 100,000 military personnel, armed police and militia members, as well as firefighters from 12 other provinces, were dispatched to the front line for flood control and disaster relief.

At the same time, people from various walks of life -- within and outside of Henan -- have voluntarily lent a helping hand, showing the power of unity in the face of disaster.


After being stranded in the middle of nowhere for over three hours, train K31 with more than 900 passengers on board finally got in touch with the outside world at 5:00 a.m.

Having departed east China's Fuzhou City at 3:10 p.m. on July 19, K31 was scheduled to arrive at Luoyang, Henan, the next afternoon. But a rainstorm-triggered flood submerged the tracks ahead and forced the train to stop in a small valley around 50 km from Henan's capital city of Zhengzhou where telecom communications were largely dysfunctional.

The wait seemed endless, and constant downpours had loosened mountain surfaces, exposing the train to potential mudslides. Increasing sounds of restlessness emerged from the carriages.

But, a life-saving phone call connected the desperate train crew to the Mugou station, the closest train station to K31's location and one of the smallest in China with only 10 staff members.

After learning the situation, Li Hui, head of the Mugou station, immediately convened seven workers he could find at that moment and set up a "task force" to save the stranded passengers.

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