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Instead of treating CO2 as liability, we can make it raw material: Mukesh Ambani

New Delhi:Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), has said that instead of treating carbon dioxide (CO2) as a liability, one can use it as a raw material.

Ambani made these remarks at the FII Investment Institute Conference on "Don't Forget Our Planet" on Thursday.

The other participants in the conference included Prince Abdulaziiz bin Salman al-Saud, Minister of Energy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Patrick Pauyanne, CEO, Total and Tanya Beckett, as the moderator.

Ambani stressed on completing the carbon cycle. "I think that, where we are, if we take a clean sheet of paper and adopt technologies whereby we can complete the energy cycle, we can adopt new technologies, particularly biochemical photosynthesis. Instead of treating carbon dioxide as a liability, we can make that a raw material," Ambani said.

"There are new progresses in chemical roots, in the catalytic roots, whereby we can still complete the carbon cycle," he added.

Ambani said that in the progress that human kind has made between the industrial revolutions, it has disturbed the carbon cycle and now it is time to use technology to reset that balance.

"It's not only imperative for us to be net carbon zero, but I think that we should opt to recycle carbon. I believe that Mother Nature is the best technology and she teaches us how to recycle," he added.

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