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Indian Navy and Air Force get ready to evacuate Indians stranded in Gulf nations due to COVID19

The Indian Navy and Indian Air Force (IAF) are getting ready to evacuate Indians who are stuck in the Gulf countries, after May 3. The Indian missions in the Gulf region have opened registration for those Indians who need to return to India. “The evacuation plans, as well as the dates, are in the process of being firmed up. Nothing is confirmed yet. However, once the registration by the Indians in these countries is completed then the numbers which need to be evacuated will be clear,” said a top diplomat on condition of anonymity.

“This evacuation will perhaps be the largest ever. It could be at least five lakh… which is going to be a huge number to be evacuated by India. The largest ever so far was around a lakh a few years ago. Those being evacuated are the workers who have lost their jobs in these countries due to lockdown, or their work permits have expired. There are those who are also very keen to just come back to India. This also includes the COVID-19 positive cases, too,” said the diplomat.

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