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India-UAE recognise there is wealth in health

The medical team members spread out to the critical care units of various Covid-19 hospitals in the UAE, and dozens of compatriots soon joined them in various batches, bringing the legendary healing touch of Indian nurses and paramedics to patients battling the pandemic in the Gulf state.

Rewarding longstanding ties

Closely coordinated by the Indian missions in the UAE, the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, private healthcare entities and the respective ministries of health, the initiative reflected, in the words of Indian Ambassador to the UAE, Pavan Kapoor, an “excellent example of how our strategic partnership with the UAE is being implemented on the ground” in the area of healthcare. “We have always emphasised the strength of collective effort in fighting this pandemic. India and the UAE are now showing how helpful this can be in practice. This has been possible due to the long-standing and robust ties shared between our nations,” Kapoor said at the time.

The UAE swiftly reciprocated by sending a special aircraft with seven metric tons of medical supplies to help India deal with the pandemic – a consignment that has come to the aid of approximately 7,000 medical professionals as they work to combat the virus across the country.

For India and the UAE, who elevated their decades-old people-to-people relations to the level of a comprehensive strategic partnership between the two governments in 2017, Covid-19 has triggered several opportunities to further cement those ties – and an interaction between the Indian Consulate in Dubai and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is the most recent proof of that.

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