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India is playing a very major role in the world, says Ambassador Hans Dannenberg Castellanos

In 2019, India and the Dominican Republic celebrated the completion of 20 years of diplomatic relations. Out of those 20 years, outgoing ambassador of the Dominican Republic to India Frank Hans Dannenberg Castellanos, has served for 15 long years. As the longest-serving ambassador to India, he is also the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps.

In his first farewell interview, Ambassador Hans Dannenberg Castellanos who is soon going to his next posting in Moscow shares with Huma Siddiqui his views on the relations of India-Latin America, growing interest about India in the region and how his two sons are in love with India.

What is it that you have learned about India? And India and Latin America? now?

First of all, I have been in India for 15 years and I have seen a lot of changes here, mostly positive changes. Also, the relationship between India and Latin America has witnessed a lot of positive changes. In my view, there is a bigger interest now in the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) towards the region than there was 15 years ago or even eight years ago.

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