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India is Culturally the Richest in the World, Possibly the World’s Next Superpower: Thomas Sehested

A couple of years ago a paper in Current Science drew a lot of excitement. The paper reported evidence of rice cultivation in India as early as 9250 years ago from the Lahuradewa lake area based on paddy field diatom variation in lake sediments. It proved that the Ganga plains were the first to grow a grain that is the staple of many countries in Asia.

Today, there are serpentine queues to buy that very grain. Global food markets are not immune to developments that are happening around the world. The Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations says they are likely to be less affected than other sectors that are more exposed to logistical disruptions and weakened demand, such as travel, manufacturing and energy markets (Source: Market Monitor, AMIS, March 2020). But they are still vulnerable.

FAO says vulnerable groups include small-scale farmers, who might be hindered from working on their land/accessing markets to sell their products or buying seeds and other essential inputs, or struggling due to higher food prices/limited purchasing power.

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