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India extends help to China in fight against Coronavirus, lifts ban partially on export of personal

In a move to help China fight the Coronavirus, the Centre on Monday lifted the ban on the export of all personal protection equipment including clothing and masks to China, with certain exceptions. The move comes even as the death toll from the epidemic rose to 908 and infected more than 40,000.

As per the new notification, India can export disposable and surgical masks and gloves. However, a ban on the export of NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) gloves and N95 masks will remain in place.

As per the notification, "The items such as surgical masks/ disposable masks (2/3 ply) and all gloves except NBR gloves are allowed freely for export. However, the export of all other Personal Protection Equipment including N-95 and other Personal Protection Equipment accompanying masks and gloves in the exceptions... shall remain prohibited."

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