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India could lead post-Covid world, says billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban

New Delhi: India could potentially lead the change in a post-Covid world with its vast array of engineers and investment opportunities, according to billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban.

"There's always a great business opportunity to create, support, or invest in India," Cuban said, talking about the possibility of Indian businesses and the idea of them leading the change. "Technology such as artificial intelligence and robotics will become more of a factor moving forward, and India is in a very good position in that regard," he told ET NOW’s managing editor Nikunj Dalmia and Aabha Bakaya in an interview.

In these trying times, businesses must adapt to the conditions, the famous Shark Tank investor said. "The times and needs are constantly changing, they will have to be agile," he said, highlighting how some factories in the US had now become mask and glove manufacturing hubs to suit the current needs.

The Covid-19 pandemic will force countries to look at their dependence on imports for essential goods, he said. With China leading the world in exports, Cuban said, countries like India would start relying inwards. "Every country will want to build critical products at home," he added.

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