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India-Born Aerospace Engineer Moots Novel Technology To Reverse Global Warming

India-born US based aerospace engineer and long-time Georgia Tech professor, Dr Narayanan Menon Komerath has suggested a novel — but very doable — way of reducing solar radiation reaching the earth, helping to reduce global warming over vast stretches. He has recently been awarded a patent for his invention, ‘Glitter Belt’, by the United States Patent Office.

Born in Thrissur, Kerala, Dr Komerath studied at IIT Madras obtaining a BTech in aeronautical engineering in 1978. He then went to the Georgia Institute of Technology where he obtained a PhD in aerospace engineering (turbulent combustion) in 1982. He retired on 1 January 2020 after 41 years at Georgia Institute of Technology, the last 25 as professor at the Daniel Guggenheim School of aerospace engineering.

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