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India as a Digital Decider in 2020

Today, India is one of the pillars of the global economy and an influential player in regional and global affairs. Similarly important are India’s contributions to information technology as Indian companies and experts are the forefront of new developments in IT, including artificial intelligence and cyber security.

Economic development and cyber security

As we attempt to predict the future, it is self-evident that India’s economic growth will be increasingly dependent on the Internet. For example, the Economic Times explains that “the digital economy today comprises 14-15 per cent of India’s total economy, and is targeted to reach 20 per cent by 2024. India has more than 120 recognised ‘data centres’ and clouds.” Similarly, the much publicised report “India’s Trillion-Dollar Digital Opportunity,” produced by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in partnership with McKinsey, argues how “India’s digital transformation has the potential to empower unserved and underserved segments and create $1 trillion of economic value in 2025, sustaining 60-65 million jobs.”

Since the future of India’s socio-economic growth is dependent on the Internet, it is not surprising that the country is similarly interested in cyber security to protect said growth. This is an issue that deserves a deeper analysis, as cyber security is an ever-present concern for governments, private companies and individuals alike.

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